Sunday, September 25, 2011

A flying he will go.

Huh, 3 blog posts in one day, go figure.

Hubbers was in San Francisco last week for 3 days, and my mother was sweet enough to help me each night so I can get the babes to sleep (seriously, how do Military Moms and lone moms get this done without help!).  This California trip was much different than the one he went on last month, well for me anyway.

1) Loki is a much different person, he likes to sit by himself and play.  I don't HAVE to carry him all the time.
2) Loki is now very familiar with his nighttime routine, and knows that he gets a bath, and listens to music while nursing, then gets placed into his crib.
3)Last month, it could take me any where from 60-90 minutes to get him to sleep.  Now it can take as little as 30 minutes (start to finish), but I'm not always that lucky.
4)Jeanne has also gotten a little easier to get to bed.  She had started asking for "one more book, one more kiss, I need a hug, I'm scared, turn starts on....."  Putting her to bed was getting lengthy. 

Thanks for your help mom!
This weekend we stayed close to home and just had fun hanging out, knowing that come tomorrow morning hubbers is on another plane.  He'll be gone 3 days. 

While, *I* am doing better, Jeanne is having a hard time understanding a)where Daddy goes, b)why he doesn't come home at night c)being able to express her missing Daddy and the conflict (anger) she feels that he is gone.  All of this usually results in her being clingy when he gets home, with random bursts of aggression.

We don't have a solution to this yet, as she is just 2, but we try to give her extra snuggles when she needs it but still correct her mis-behavior.

Time for a photo update!

September 5, 2011
Why so serious mom, it's just T.V.

September 10, 2011
Loki chilling out with Daddy

I really like this photo of him

Some Mom and Son time

Then of course, snuggles we re required with Jeanne.  What a knowing look she has in this photo.

Jeanne and her Mommy

September 11, 2011
Our walk in the woods always gives us something new to explore and talk about.  After the hurricane, the most prevalent life was fungus by far, and we some some very unusual and beautiful fungus.  My amateur photo taking does not do these organisms justice.

This little bugger, while no longer alive was preserved amazingly, must have dies very recently.  He was cool to look at up close.

Mr. Man chillin' in his Patriots pants

Siblings playing TOGETHER!

Loki is able to stand on his own a lot longer now.

Thanks for checking out our family!  Hope you are all well!

Change is in the air

Well, not really in the air. Fall in Raleigh is nothing like Fall in Massachusetts. The air here is always humid (80% or greater which is sticky gross) and the temperature is still in he 80's. Cool by Raleigh standards, but not what I define as Autumn, thus I missed the equinox. I have always noted the equinoxes and solstices, they allow me to ponder the season the just passed, changes I have gone through and what may come next.

Even though I am missing the cool crisp morning air, hubbers and I can feel the changing wind. We smile more and are looking at homes in the area (and school districts!). We both want to change some of our eating habits (due to stress from the house) but are also excited to keep some habits we acquired during this past year. We like that we didn't eat out anymore, we like making and baking our own bread for sandwiches and pizzas (I especially love that we have made Friday night pizza night and we never had to leave the house). I like baking with my daughter to have super special cookies, they are so much better than store bought! We like knowing that our freezer is packed full of farm fresh local peaches and home made beans (some heirloom too). We never mind giving Jeanne homemade ice cream from fresh fruit.

I am feeling nostalgic and excited for our future at the same time. I'm loving where we are right now and happily looking for ways to bring more happiness and healthy habits into our lives.

Does the passing of summer to fall invoke any special meaning or thoughts for you?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where is my baby?

1) I know why 'they' say that every child is different (aside from the obvious genetic differences, blobby infants are not all the same either).
2) I now know why they say the second (and later) children seem to grow so much faster and to cherish every moment.

Just last month I began feeding Loki solid foods.  In the last 10-14 days, he has made it clear that he wants less of mommy's milk and more FOOD. Loki, it seems, has not read the latest research from the AAP and the CDC.  He does not know that more than 80% of his intake should be MILK at this point.  When I try to nurse him (especially if he sees us eating or his sister eating) he will scream, make his body rigid, and push, push, PUSH away from my chest.  As soon as I turn him AWAY from the boob, he's happy again, but don't you DARE try to give him MILK when he can SEE everyone else eating! 

Hubbers says this is impacting me more emotionally than it is physically for Loki.  I think it's both, he DOES need his (damned) milk and his food. 

In line with all this eating, Loki is developing fast as well.  Just last week or so, he was still blobby, and content in his baby chair (think soft recliner so he cant go anywhere.  Now he will not stay in it.  He can sit up in it, and now only wants to sit next to his sister surrounded by his boppy.  Actually that's not really true anymore.  This morning I watched him lean forward and fall, so I picked him up.  Then he did it again, and again.  OK, not accidents... he's trying to CRAWL. 

Ack... where did I put those baby gates.... it's going to start here real soon....


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye, Farewell dear home

After 12 months of higher mortgage payments (you see, insurance goes up when the house is empty) on an empty home, it sold today. Hubbers and I have had to deal with incredible amounts of stress, but we remembered to love each other and our children. I know we can make it through anything now (though I could really use a stress break, I think my body can too).

I love you dear husband.

I must extend a LOUD and special thanks to Mr. B and Peggy. We literally couldn't have survived without you. Thank you so much!  Thanks also to my mother who also helped us get to the finish line as well as listening to my 'complaining' all the time. I am lucky to have three such caring and giving parents.

Now, I think we can breathe. We are free!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A lot of growth in a little time

Hubbers and I agree, Loki has grown a lot in just a week.  All of a sudden he is sitting up and even beginning to spin around while on his belly.  This week also marks his first cluster feeding (Jeanne had many, and often).  Loki is alert and happy nearly all the time, and loves, loves to eat food.  I think his favorite so far are carrots.

 Jeanne is also growing quickly.  She has a sense of humor now, and has started bargaining for things she wants.  For example, today I told her it is was time for 'milk and books' (aka nap time), she turned around and said " Dance 1 song (while pointing 1 finger at me), then milk soon".  Hard to argue with that, so dance we did.

Jeanne is still helping me bake, and this morning we made these Banana, peanut butter, oatmeal muffins.  Whoa boy were they good.  These are a keeper. I'll freeze half this batch and dole them out as yummy snacks when all else fails (kind of like my smoothie pops made with yogurt, peanut butter and fruit).  We ate ours plain, warm out of the oven, but I suppose you could put butter on them.

This week is the last week.  Either we sell the house, or we don't and we're done with it.  We just can not maintain this level of borrowing and stress.  It is beginning to have clear effects on my health.  I will let you know one way or another, what happens with the house.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 month check up for Loki

Went to the Doctor's today for his 6 month checkup (he is really 24 weeks old or 5.5 months old, blah blah blah) Loki weighs 16 pounds 10 ounces and is 26.5 inches long. He is in the 50th% for both.  The Dr said two interesting things 1) we can feed Loki 3 times a day now, as much as he wants to eat at eat sitting and 2) co-sleeping is dangerous.  I promptly told the Dr that Loki is in more danger of getting hit my a truck while in the car than being suffocated in our bed. He clearly had not read any research on the matter in years.  Eh, I'm not worried, I've done the research.  There are safe ways and unsafe ways, and I know my son is safe, as was my daughter. 

About the matter of food, ug.  My boy is growing so quickly.  The good news is, he is happy. No really, he is happy almost all the time.  It's a real pleasure to be with him now

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Loki's first cold

Well, two days ago Loki started showing signs of a runny nose.  By bedtime, we were sure he was sick.  This first night, he woke up every hour, 8:50pm, 9:50pm, 10:50pm etc.  Hubbers offered to help me with him, but I know he needs his rest so he can function at work. (thank you though love).  The next day, Loki spent a lot of time on my chest, close to mommy and upright.  He napped several times through the day.  At night though, he just could not breath when he lied down.  He finally went to sleep around 1am (yes one in the morning), he would sleep in our arms, but as soon as we placed him down he would start choking, so I ended up putting him in him bouncy chair so he was semi sitting/semi upright.  He was able to sleep for two hours and I slept on the floor next to him with a pillow and Jeanne's fleece animal blanket to cover me.

This morning Loki seems much better, he is able to breath very well, and slept well most of the night.

I am so happy that it has taken so long for Loki to get sick in the first place, Jeanne was in daycare at 3 months, and she came home sick just about every 3 weeks with fevers (which would keep hubbers and I up all night fretting, wiping her down with wet cloths, and us taking turns staying awake.  She had a couple of very scary fevers).  Loki is 24 weeks old or 5.5 months, depending on which calender you are following, he is HAPPY and healthy, but every body needs to build more antibodies, and Loki just had his first 'wild' adventure.  We made it out unscathed!

On another note, Jeanne has been quite the chatter box and amazes us each day with the types of questions she asks. She is growing up so quickly.  Also, I have noticed that Loki's face is changing, he is looking less like 'baby' and more like whatever Loki will grow to look like.  When I mentioned this to hubbers, he said he looks like Papaw.  I think he may be right, Loki may have the Fitz ears, but I think he may have many of his grandfathers features.  A handsome boy he will be!