Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just photos from Juy 5th to present

Early July: Loki!

Grandma Ardith comes to visit!

Watch Out! That dino just might bite your finger off!

Grandma Barb, Crystal, Jeanne and Loki take a walk in the woods.  This little bugger was blocking our path.  Jeanne helped us say SHOO, and away he went.

I do so love dragonflies... and they are everywhere here...

Isn't she beautiful?  She loves exploring the woods as much as mommy does!

Loki gets some nap time in with Grandma, while Jeanne and Mommy walk together.

Our little man.

Do you know how hard it is to get two kids to smile at the same time for a picture?

He can't sit up at this point yet, he's propped up in this picture.

The elusive 'mommy'  you can hardly ever see her in pictures, but see, she does exist!

Memaw and Papaw 'drop by' for a much loved visit!

I love this picture!

We tried several times to get a good picture of Loki with his hat on, but this boy does not sit still!

Jeanne and I got matching homemade shirts as a present (dragonfly!).  We have worn them out together several times now, she gets such a kick out of it!

Jeanne has been helping me bake in the kitchen a few times a week (this morning she helped me make dough for bread), in this picture she is holding a uber yummy chocolate cookie that SHE MADE, all by herself (well, kinda)

Hey, what are you looking at?

I painted Jeanne's, toenails, then I painted mine the same color.  Then I figured, eh, what the heck, so I painted Loki's big toe.  The rest were too small.  I got quite a few remarks about his green toes.  People are so silly.  Its just a painted toe nail!

While Daddy was in California for 6 days, my mother came over EVERY NIGHT to help me.  Without her, well, things would have been impossible.  THANK YOU MOM!  We even got to spend two whole days with her, and on the first day we went to the park.  Check out this boy in the stroller!

Big sis, RAN around the playground having a great time with Grandma Barb!

Time for SWINGS! 

Loki really loves his big sis, and will giggle with such delight to watch her play and run, and here swing beside him.

After the playground, we walked around the lake, and we met this little bugger.

..and a very large snapping turtle

...wild mushrooms

... a dear and her fawn, not 10 FEET from the trail.  If you look left and down from the deer, you will see brown with white spots, that is the very small fawn.

For some strange reason, Jeanne had been requesting to have sour cream at Grandma's house, so for lunch we had baked potatoes, covered in farm fresh veggies in season and LOCAL, with the large dollop of sour cream.  This was followed by much mayhem and the piano.

Both my husband and my mother suggested that Loki may want to EAT food (this was close to 5 months), I dismissed them, but they persisted.  I bought brown rice cereal, and let him try it.  With a shake of his head, he looked at the spoon, focused his eyes, GRABBED the spoon and carefully plunged it back into his mouth.  OK, I said, maybe he wants to eat.

Grandma bought a sunflower at the farmers market, and Loki loved it as much as Jeanne did at this age!

DADDY'S HOME!!!!  Both babes greeted him with big smiles and hugs.  Here is Loki kissing his Daddy.
Daddy just got off a very, very long plane ride....  He's tired, but happy to be home.

Sorry I haven't posted more frequently.  Things have been hard here at the Baker home, frantic at times.  We're still here though, and our family is still trying to find happiness in each day.  We are very lucky to have such supportive parents and friends.  We love you!

P.S.  Jeanne is constantly stumping adults, they all expect her to be 3 or 4 due to her use of language, and Loki has so far had avocado, sweet potato, bananas and brown rice cereal.  He is currently 23 weeks old or 5 months, depending what you want to count.  He has officially entered the 'eating zone' and I have got to get my but in gear and start making him his baby food!