Wednesday, July 28, 2010

12 days left

12 days, and I will be in front of my department, for my Master's defense. 

That is all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Words at almost 14 months

Words Jeanne can speak:
hot, up, Elmo, Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, wow, caw caw (sound of a crow), woof woof, uh oh, hey

Words Jeanne can understand:
nose, check, hair, hungry, outside, car, go, shower, strawberry, cous cous, puff, cookie, water, hose, diaper

Words Jeanne can sign:
thirsty, hungry,  milk, more, potty

Friday, July 23, 2010

A trip to the farm

Jeanne and I went to Drumlin farm this week.  It was a beautiful warm, breezy day.

It was one of the first times she seemed really excited to see the animals. She loved the goats, chickens and sheep.  We took a couple of videos, but by halfway through she wanted to be "UP"  So she was on my back and out of the videos.  I attempted to take some photos of her while she was up there, and well, you can see for yourself.

and some VIDEOS:
Ooh, Goats!
Some very big cows!

Thursday was a bit of a messy day here at home.  For breakfast, Jeanne rubbed peanut butter in her hair.  For lunch, a bit of spaghetti sauce...  The next day she rubbed butter in her hair, then for lunch a bit of salmon.  Well, the peanut butter  didn't mind, as I love the smell of peanut butter, but salmon.... after a few hours.. Ick....  I actually didn't wait that long.  She got a shower right after that.  But for the last couple of days, shes been perfecting the perfect hair gel it seems.

Oh what a mess...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where have all the children gone...

..Long time passing...

So, we went to the playground again today.  Two hours earlier and here is what we found:

I remember spending a ton of time in the playground across from my house when I was a kid.... where do they all go now!?

While I didn't think we would get to enjoy any of our garden fruit, but alas, WE ARE STILL HERE!  We picked out first tomato this morning, and I gave it straight to Jeanne.

She just loved biting the skin off with her NEW TEETH, but could pass on the actual tomato.
VIDEO:  What is this?

After our morning jog, we went to the library to get a head start on our computer skills.  Jeanne has been itchin' to use the computer even since Dad showed her how to play his game.

This afternoon, while Jeanne took a long nap, I tried my hand at making play-dough.......... it didn't work..... So I made popsicles!

Pink lemonade and vanilla yogurt!  Yum.... These I am willing to perfect!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quite the 'toddler' here

Jeanne is a nonstop chaos machine.  She just loves to walk in circles all around the house.  She'll walk in the kitchen, parent in tow, and she'll sit down.  So we sit down.  Not a minute will pass and she will get up and walk to bedroom and plop on her pile of blankets (we call this the safe zone, its safe to plop down hard in), so the parent will plop down too.  She smiles, gives you a (headbutt) kiss, and gets up and walks into the living room.....  All day long.

Her four teeth are all visible now, and she has been good enough to not bite me *YET*.  I'm hopeful though, since they came in so late, and she hasn't had the urge to bit me all this time, even while cutting 4 teeth at once.

Here are some fun videos of Jeanne reading in her playpen: VIDEOS
Reading out LOUD
Reading to herself

We went out to dinner Friday night, and Jeanne was dancing to the music all while munching on her pickle.  Go figure, she loves pickles, we just bought her a huge jar... hope she still like them in a day or two.  She can be picky.

And some relief from the hot summer sun VIDEOS:
Summer fun
Summer fun 2

Love to you all!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a quick post here

Hubbers went down for a nap at 10:30 this morning, in his bed
Jeanne went down for a nap at 11:30 this morning, in her crib
Granmommy went down for a nap at 12:00 this afternoon, on the couch.

I just keep working on my presentation..
Wish I could nap too, but that will have to wait until August 10th

Pics and videos later!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer fun

Jeanne and I are having a blast each day.  Breakfast, then we go for a jog (she in the stroller), she sometimes takes a nap then.  Lunch rolls around 1030-11 in this house.  We play in the kitchen, somehow this is the safest room in the house, then with our puzzles.

Today we went to the playground, so she could play with some other kids, and here is what we found:
Hmm, I wonder why there is an obesity epidemic?

As you know, its been hot here, so we sometimes play in our inflatable pool, but she loves the hose the best.
summer fun 1
Summer fun 2

And here is some quick photos I shot while on our morning jog.  Do you see that toothy grin!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A visit from Auntie Eileen

Thank you so much for our visit.  Jeanne liked meeting her first woof woof, and has since asked me to read her new book, many times.  She just loved the last two pages, so bright and pretty!

Silly us, neither if us took any pics!


WE HAVE TEETH!  That's right, more than one folks!  A few days ago her right top front tooth popped out, and we can see the left top front tooth through the skin, its very pale, so that will be here very soon.  But wait there's more!

Just now, while Jeanne was smiling up at me, I could see BOTH her front bottom teeth poking through.

Poor teething baby, no wonder she's been gumming everything, four teeth at once!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

*Some* dates set

So Jeanne and I enjoyed out first vacation with daddy.  We stayed home, played in the pool, went to the library and the bookstore (and mummy got to finish her thesis too!).  My Master's Defense is August 9th (AL. MOST. DONE.).
We are going to do our BEST to make sure we meet with friends and family before we leave, but free time is still hard to find, since I still must prepare for my defense (oh, and put the house on the market, find a new place to live, schedule movers....).

Thanks so Steve and Rana for a FABULOUS time at the pool, Jeanne just loved to swim, and Paul and I were so happy to see you both again.

And for your viewing pleasure, our flower girl, image by Granmommy!