Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our last week in Massachusetts

Well, the first 3 days this week were rained out, so Jeanne and I were house bound most of the time.  Just plain ick.  As soon as the rain passed, we played in the backyard and jumped in all the puddles.

Yesterday we went to Drumlin Farm again and found some small walking trails which were nice.  They gave us a better view of the pony and the roaming chickens.  Jeanne also walked most of the time there ans was a big help pushing our stroller to each new area.  She's a great little helper.

I will try to upload pictures soon, but I suspect we will be off the grid for a while after that.

Love to you all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Words at 14 months the 4th week

Words she can speak NEW: Juice, bye-bye, yum, "O's", Abby, star. cheese, bib, 'nana'= banana

Words Jeanne can speak:
hot, up, Elmo, Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, wow, caw caw (sound of a crow), woof woof, uh oh, hey

Words Jeanne can understand NEW: 'put back', 'go outside', 'play', 'sleep time', toes, cherry, toys, stand-up, sit down, 'come here'
Words Jeanne can understand:
nose, check, hair, hungry, outside, car, go, shower, strawberry, cous cous, puff, cookie, water, hose, diaper, star,

Words Jeanne can sign NEW: all done
Words Jeanne can sign:
thirsty, hungry,  milk, more, potty 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A celebration

This past weekend we were able to see most of our family before heading south.  We celebrated some birthdays and my Graduation.  Here are some pics.
Jeanne and Daddy chillin out
Jeanne shows Aunt Laurie how to use an iPhone


Chasing more bubbles with Daddy and Laurie

Da Fam
60 Lees for Lee's 60th

You talking to me?

Previous fun stuff:
Lemons for breakfast!

I can't change the link color for videos so I will have to be more clear that the following sentences are links:

Curious Jeanne

Jeanne always has more books laying about the house than toys, and I have to switch them out often, lest she get bored with them.  But lately she has been doing something interesting with them.  She will bring me a book, turn around to sit in my lap, then once I start reading, she grabs my finger and controls my pointer finger to hover over different pictures or words on the page.  If I say a new word (new color like azure or tangerine) her little brow will crease and will move my finger over the image again and again, having me repeat the new word.

She has started doing this with Daddy to during their nightly book reading before bed.  She seems to save new words she learned that day for him, as twice in the last week when I was called in, I was told she said a new word.

This morning, while we successfully used the potty (Yea!  she's been on a 2 month strike since learning how to walk), we were reading an alphabet book.  " A rough and rocky R and a sky blue S followed by a star".  She took my finger and pointed to star, rabbit, racecar, star, S, R, R, R, R, star, star, star, star, then she looked at the ceiling and pointed.  "YES!  Those are stars"! (We have glow in the dark stars over her changing table).  A huge beaming smile filled her face, and she pointed to the star int he book, then back at the ceiling.  She understood and recognized star, and was so clearly happy about it.

Love to you all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family visit

Yesterday Great Aunt Laurie came up to visit, and Jeanne had a lot of fun showing her how to properly fill the pool and splash with maximum wetness.

Laurie if you have any good photos, please email them to me so I can share them here!

Love you and thanks so much for the visit!

P.S. A couple of weekends ago, Jeanne and I visited B, K and Aunt Claude and went to the lake.  Jeanne tok to the water, well like a water baby and had a blast.  Of course, mum was too nervous with all the other people and new surroundings to take any pictures, so same message to you Claude.  If you have any nice pictures, can you please send them this way!

Thanks to all the family who are making time to visit with Jeanne and I before we move south (September 1st by the way).


Now for some Jeanne entertainment! VIDEOS
Yummy lime
We find Sesame street
But I want to go under there!

Monday, August 9, 2010

So where's the update?

I know, several of you have requested an update here, sorry it has taken me a while, I needed to finish up my Masters work.  Here is a quick upload of images and movies.  I will try to be better!

August 9th, 2010

*Very Big Sigh of Relief*

Today I defended for my Masters degree, and it was accepted.  I received many very sweet, generous comments from other faculty about how much work I had done, and how well I delivered my data.  None of this came from my adviser mind you, but it felt nice none-the less.

Paul and I then went out to lunch with only my closest friends, Christian, Hugh and Marla.  They brought me to a very nice restaurant (Beacon Grill on 95 in Woburn) and we had a really fabulous time reminiscing about the last 6 years.  Hugh and Christian have really become to feel like brothers to me, and I will miss them, and their antics.  Marla is a graduate student in the adjoining lab, and I have cherished our friendship over the years as well, I will miss having lunch with her, each and every day.

I don't think it has hit me quite yet, but I know the exhaustion has.

Love to you all.

Now Paul and I move south, September 1st.