Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aquarium take two. August 28, 2012

We went to the aquarium again yesterday. FREE people. Sweet. It is small, but this time Jeanne as much more confident and active in touching all the animals in the touch tank. Her favorite was the sea slug. She pet it and picked it up for 10 minutes. She also checked every sea star to see if there belly was out or not.

I learned something too. Sea stars have eyes at the end of each of their legs. True optic centers that sense dark and light. Sea stars have five yea, and sunflower stars have over twenty. (depending on how many legs).

Do you know how many brains an octopus has?

Santa Barbara Zoo! August 29, 2012

Somehow, I didn't realize the zoo was so close to us until hubbers asked what we were doing today. I was just going to go to a playground and grab something to eat, keep it low key and low cost. Instead, he told us to go have fun! We that we did, and it was only a mile away! Loki on my back ad Jeanne walked the whole way, my trooper!

A nicely laid out zoo with lots of windy paths so there is always something to see, perfect for those with a complete lack of focus (children). As always, I feel like I enjoy these types of activities more than Jeanne, she just wants to run to the next thing, oh and the ever favorite gift store. That place she could spend hours in.

Gibbons, tortoises, scarlet ibis, elephants, lions, condors, mating flamingos, american alligators, snow leopard, TRAINS, oh my!

Can you guess which pictures are of us waiting for/ on the train?

A fantastic day had by the three of us. So wish daddy was with us.