Sunday, June 27, 2010

First fruit picked.

Last weekend, with much sweat, and lots of fun, I tilled two of my garden beds, and planted tomatoes, basil and green peppers.  I wasn't much, and a far smaller garden than I usually have, but I thought it would be nice for Jeanne to watch things grow.  So now, each morning I strap Jeanne onto my back and we water the garden, and I tell her all about how things grow, and that plants need water too, just like us.

We also got a hanging basket of strawberries ( I plan on re-potting and keeping alive as long as possible), and today we picked out first strawberry.  Of course, Jeanne got our first prize.  She was pretty happy too!  She eats strawberries at home, and I think she recognized the fruit, and gave little kicks of joy when I gave her the berry.

Here she is eating her strawberry, still on my back.  Not a great pic, but makes me happy none the less.

Other than that, I noticed we have two rolls of paper towels left in the house, and I've decided not to buy more.  I'm going to knit up a bunch of cotton towels to dry our dishes, and wipe up messes.  It's greener, and cheaper.

P.S. We are tying to not buy anymore canned goods, so if you have a recipe to cook beans from scratch, I'd appreciate it, as so far, of my 5 attempts at either black beans or pinto beans, only a single batch have been edible.  Yes, I've googled how to cook beans, I need a tried and true recipe here!  Thanks!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Hubbers got the job offer tonight!  They will pay for the moving costs, and gave him a pretty sweet raise!  Now all they need is a start date! 

I am still working on my thesis, but as of today, I will have to do so at night or when Jeanne sleeps, as my new full time job is being a mom.

Love to you all!

Anyone one else feel like moving to NC?  Triangle park has lots of jobs, and great schools!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still holding your breath?  *sigh*  Us too...  While we still don't have a start date..... (grr)  we are trying to remain calm.....  HA Yea, that's not happening.  Jeanne has been sick with a fever, then, when that broke, she would wake SCREAMING bloody murder during the night, with seemingly nothing wrong.  Not even mama's milk could make to uhoh's go away.....

All this and and mama herself has been all sorts of crazed with trying to finish her thesis by TOMORROW.  So, NO stress over here.

Ahh well.  In other news, we got an inflatable pool for our backyard, which Jeanne lurves to splash in.
Here is a link in a new fantastic swimsuit!

And a few photos!
 and my two sleeping babes.  It was so nice to wake up and see them snuggling.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stay Tuned

The next 10 days will be stressful for our home.  I am fighting my adviser every step of the way to get done with writing, and hubbers has made it through the 105th hoop, and has received an 'unofficial' offer, only 20 more hoops to go. 

We suspect we have to choose a 'start date' by next week.  I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Big "1 YEAR OLD"

First, thank you to EVERYONE, Jeanne received such so MANY wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  And thank you to everyone who could come to her birthday party, we all loved the surprise visit from family!

Let the photos begin, I will link videos at the end!

Remember you can view all 66 videos on, if you search for cssbmom (one word)

But here are a few to keep you happy!

Jeanne starts walking
Presents from Memaw and Papaw
Birthday cake!
WOW! watch her hands... too cute!