Monday, April 19, 2010

A body of stars

Last week, daycare had a "Wear Your Pj's to school" day, and we just so happen to fine the PERFECT pair of Pj's for our Nuit the weekend before.  Here is our babe wearing a body of stars.  Her stuffed dude is called Mr. Night, the main character in the oh so sweet book Good Night Mr. Night

Body of Stars!

Background info, here are some sites of Nuit
wiki Nut
Nuit via Thelema
We are star stuff

Surprise visit

You ever have one of those 'blah' days.... It's cloudy and rainy outside, not to mention cold.  Sure you could do the laundry or dishes, but have no real ummph to get off your but....  That was our Saturday, until we got a text from the most fabulous of Paul's!  *insert mad dash cleaning here*

Then we got a visit from friends we haven't seen in much too long.  Here are just a few pics and links.  If you do watch the videos, do not pay attention to what we're saying (it won't make ANY sense, just keep looking over peoples heads.... I've got quite the divine phone now.

Love to all!
Rose is a goddess
me Taking video of Paul taking pictures....
Playing ball with Saint Mike

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Side step

Oh boy...

Friday, April 9, 2010

First steps!

Jeanne had her first, unassisted, big girl steps yesterday, straight into Daddy's arms!
This weekend we'll be shopping for big girl shoes!

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a great weekend!

Saturday we did make it to Drumlin Farm, and Granmommie met us there.  We all had a blast! We also got a year membership so we could go back again, and again.  I can't wait to see the transition for Jeanne over the summer when she's walking and can get to the fenced in pens all by herself!

Sunday was a great  time too.  Everyone brought such fantastic foods, brunch was yum, yum, yummy.  Jeanne was quite to start, but warmed nicely to everyone.  What we didn't expect was gifts!  Everyone was quite generous!  Jeanne played with her pinwheel while we ate dinner outside.

Thanks all for such a great time.

P.S. My mother scanned this pic for me this weekend.  I'll try to get Paul's baby pics up here too.
My father and I.  Looks like I was under 2.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Warm weather

Jeanne is quite the bundle.  Her new favorite  activity is waking up before 5 every morning to play.  While I am already awake at his time, I am trying to get ready for work, and of course, Daddy is trying very hard to sleep.  The term 'Saturday' doesn't seem to make a bit of difference for our little babe, and the whole family was up at at 'em at 530.

Although my house is a mess.  It is supposed to be wonderfully warm today, high of 78 and tomorrow will of 80.  I'm really hoping to make it to Drumlin Farm today.  Paul took me there a while ago (I got to see my first cow, man they are big!) and I wold love to bring Jeanne.  There are so many farm animals and animals from Massachusetts, that I think Jeanne would love it and learn more every month.  *te he, I'm getting excited just thinking about it*

Tomorrow we'll be going to E and J's house for a multi-generation birthday party, The fabulous miss Rose will be 8, our resident swimmer will be 33, and Aunt L will be turning the big 50! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!  And thanks for the well wishes on Jeanne's health.  Believe me, she's ALL better now.  She is such a treasure!