Saturday, August 31, 2013

A start to a long weekend

I was so excited to spend the whole long weekend with the kids, and I knew just how I wanted to start it off. Since I got my first paycheck from work I bought the kids a bunch of new clothes and took them out to dinner at our favorite pizza place.  After dinner we took a long ride deep, deep into the woods to findthe fairies   (fireflies). While, they were not as many as I had seen the week before, we did get a different special treat. 

We saw the stars.  So many more then we do at home. Personally, I saw the Milky Way band for the first time in my life, and I was so happy to share that with my family. We sat on a log, had a homemade chocolate chip cookie that the kids made earlier with Memaw and Papaw and listeners to the frogs and the crickets and the herons while starring into the stars. 

Today, at the most awesome suggestion, we went to Pullen Park. There, we did it all!  We climbed, played in the sand, the water, rode the train and the boats, enjoyed lunch then ran and ran near and far in the park. To finish off a most fantastic day, we rode the Carousel. When we got home, I carried in the most lovable sack of potatoes I call Loki and put him into bed. I curled up next to sweet Nuit and snoozed along with her. 

What shall we do tomorrow?  A walk in the woods anyone?