Thursday, March 25, 2010

High temp

So, Jeanne stayed home with Daddy yesterday, and I came home early to help.  She was refusing all bottles and liquids (but eating solids very well).  She even refused to nurse for a while too.  We went to the Docs around 430pm and Jeanne just has a virus, no ear infection.  She finally did nurse, but was very clingy and had no interest in playing today.

Last night she nursed well, but also still had a temp and even woke wet with sweat and shaking.  We gave tylenol to help with the fever, and this allowed her to sleep well.

This morning she woke hot with a temp of 103.6F and shaking a bit, took the tylenol well and nursed, and her skin temp came down and she stopped shaking.  She had a good breakfast of blueberries, oatmeal and cheerieos and had a short nap.  She currently has enough energy to crawl around a bit, but isn't feeling too frisky.

Hopefully today will be the last day of the high temp.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bitter sweet

Last night was a rough one.  Jeanne woke up at 2:50am, and was wide awake. She kept flipping back and forth from belly to back, from the middle of the bed, up to the headboard and wanted nothing to do with nursing, just moving about.  She did feel kid of warm to both of us, but not too bad.  We took off her fleece pants and tried rubbing her back to coach her back to sleep.  NADA!

After a diaper change, the only thing that helped Jeanne get back to sleep was when Daddy pulled her close into his chest, rubbed her back and hummed her to sleep.  

This morning, I checked her temp, it was 100.6 at 5:20, a little Tylenol to take the edge off, and she is staying home with Daddy today.

They both just woke up (about 7am), so I hope they feel a little rested, and get some more nap time in later today.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Enjoy these pictures, I do!

Jeanne sporting a gift from Auntie Eileen.

Playing at Granmommies house 3-7-10

Our first trip to a playground 3-7-10

Granmommie was having fun too!

Thanks for the help Daddy!

March 6, 2010  Happy to be me!

a quick pick me up

I will upload a bunch more this weekend, lots of good video and pics coming!  Here's one to whet your appetite!

Jeanne Raspberries

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Loooooong nap

Well, so much for a walk this afternoon, Jeanne's 45 minute nap is still taking place.... 3 hours later.  Down at 11:50 this morning, and at 3:00 pm, she's still asleep......  This will only mean bad things for bed time.  Especially since she has slept through her:
12:30 nursing, her
2:00 snack
and is creeping up on missing her 330 nursing...

Take 3 guesses when she plans on making up for those lost calories.

At least I was able to nap with her from 11:50 to 1:15, so at least I feel better!

First warm weekend

It is 'supposed' to be in the 50's this weekend.  Hubbers and I are planning on taking Jeanne for a walk, and maybe Sunday find a playground and playing with Granmommy!

Not a typical day, but still no fun

I feel like Jeanne knows when I’ve had a particularly long day, and decides to add to it by not sleeping at night. Thursday I woke at 430, left the house at 530, at work at 630, started my experiment… gym…work, work, work…. Thanks to the aid of two other grad students, was able to leave at 4pm instead of 5pm, drove home picked up pizza and Harpoon cider. Home at 615. Nurse babe, put her down at 7pm. So sad that I only got to spend 30 minutes with her. I went to bed at 830 CONKED OUT. 
Babe wakes at 940, I nurse, change diaper and put her back in the crib. 
Babe wakes at 1140. Bring her into bed with me. Nurse. 
Babe wakes at 1230. Try to rock , sshh, and rub belly. No go. Nurse 
Babe wakes at 230. I wake to her crawling and trying to roll over, she gets caught on her sleeve multiple times, and uses my nipple as a handle AHHHHH. Try to rock , sshh, and rub belly. No go. I sit up in bed, this worries DH that I am losing my crap, and I am. 
I take deep calming breath and NURSE again. 
Babe wakes at 500. Try to rock , sshh, and rub belly. THIS WORKS. 
Babe up for day at 630. 
Hubbers cooked eggs, bacon, cheesy toast and I get TWO cups of coffee this morning. Make it out of the house at 820 to start a very late day at work (usually at work by 7am, Friday I got in at 930).
Everytime I try to do something different with her sleep (right now its getting her to sleep in her crib alone), its like she out and out refuses to comply and fights back tooth and nail. It's so hard to continue trying, because it is SO MUCH easier just to bring her back in bed with me…..