Thursday, June 28, 2012

Loki 15 months old

Well, it's 4:00 in the morning, and since I'm up I figured I would write an entry.  Loki is now 15 months old and has changed so much in just the last 3 months. His ability to communicate, understand and respond to spoken and sign language has increased immensely.  He is also a much happier *toddler*.  Although, as my fist sentence states, we are still having some difficulty in the sleep department.  We did have quite a good stretch of him sleeping all through the night, but he has been waking at 4:40, every morning.  This morning, however, is earlier.  I'm frankly just sick of it.

Words Loki can speak at 15 months:
Mama, Dada, No, Elmo, au revoir, yo gabba gabba

Words Loki can understand at 15 months:
dog, cat, thirsty, hungry, diaper, walk, woobie, 'brush your teeth', 'bath time', play, 'climb your chair'

Words Loki can sign:
fish, potty, thirsty, nurse, ball, please, all done, bird, dog, cat, goodbye

Words Loki can speak in French!:
Au revoir, la poisson (fish)

At his 15th month visit Loki:
weighed: 20 pounds 8 ounces, which puts him in the 5th percentile
length: 30", 25th percentile

Jeanne also went for a well visit:
weighs 30 pounds
height: 37.75" 50th percentile

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 2012, Jeanne turns 3 years old

Well, that went by quickly.  I was looking at shoes for Jeanne yesterday, only to realize I was looking in the baby shoe section.  Yeah, that won't work anymore.  Here are a few photos from her birthday bash.

Water blocks from Uncle L and Aunt C

Another magic wand.  Really, can you have too many?

Freeing the plush birds with gusto!

Yes! Fruit to cut!  Sweet!

Chilling out with my balloon.

The destruction!

Best Buddies

How many kids can fit in this chair?  Lets find out.

Yeah for work friends taking time off to come play!

Looks like little man is ready to go FASTER!

We love to walk through the woods:

Day 2 of caterpillars 

Day 4

Day 7.  It was so neat to watch them

We released all 5 butterflies on Jeanne's birthday weekend.  It was so awesome.  We both loved watching the caterpillars eat and grow, grow, GROW!

I just placed the potted plants in the dirt while waiting for them to wake from their nap.  Loki was so excited to see them.  He didn't 'get' planting them, so Jeanne did all of that.

Loki did love watering the plants though.  Who doesn't love to splash water?