Thursday, June 23, 2011


Putting the kids tonight was a nightmare!  NIGHTMARE!  Loki didn't sleep much all DAY, and just fell asleep at 9pm!  Poor Jeanne is obviously needing alone mommy time.  I hope to be able to fill her tank of 'mommy love' this weekend.

But for now..... they are both asleep. My poor babes...

P.S.  Thanks Memaw for the picture!  Jeanne carried your photo around for an hour and kept giving you and Papaw kisses!  You are safe and sound in her fridge!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something has happened to Loki

Quietly, in the night, when hubbers and I were not looking, Loki the monster, stopped being a monster.  All of a sudden, he smiles, and laughs, and loves to play with his sister (and she him).  We're not sure how or why, and we don't really care.  He is 13 weeks, or officially 3 months, depending on how you want to count.  He is starting to hit objects that are hanging in front of his face, his extra tummy time is helping with his head control, and he LOVES his Dads face.  He also loves to splash in his tub.

And now a review with photos.  We have smiling photos of Loki!  WOW!  Our visit with MeMaw and Papaw the first week in June, and FATHER'S DAY!  Happy belated Father's day to all you guys (and to you single mom's too!)

PaPaw and Loki playing with a rattle

MeMaw working her magic on Loki

Jeanne loved playing with MeMaw!

LOOK, a smile!  I guess he needed his one and only grandfather to make him smile!

Baker boys

Jeanne has been really good at playing with Loki lately.  She loves to pose for photos with him too.

I love this photo! Jeanne and Loki 2011

Loki has been sleeping better lately too.  He's so lovable when he's sleeping (and quite).

Look at that face!  Those lashes are so long!
Father's Day 2011, Jeanne giving Loki a kiss.
 Check out that hat on Loki, too cool.
We love you Daddy!

It was hot and muggy out, and Jeanne had just been running around the playground, look at those flushed cheeks!  I had to get Loki out of the baby carrier, I thought I was cooking him!

Hubbers was gone all last week on a business trip, and has left again today.  He'll be back Friday night, and should be able to have shorter trips for a while.  I'm thankful that he was able to put off traveling so much until Loki was older.  I'm also thankful for my mother and MeMaw and PaPaw for their help and skyping with Jeanne while daddy was away.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things that make you say "What?!"

When Jeanne gets upset, she says "Damn it!", and very clearly
She also has a habit of saying Oh my god"  She got a reaction out of someone, I forget who, so she will repeat this phrase no less than 15 times.  I'm hoping ignoring her when she says it now will make it lose its 'cool'.

Slurs and missing letters:
Tonight while skyping with MeMaw and Papaw, Jeanne told them she was "eating peanuts" only she didn't pronounce the T
She says "clocks" with the L only 50% of the time...

Short on time

I only have time for one liners here:
 Jeanne REALLY wants me to tell you all that she has been sitting on the potty.  She also has been asking for all of you by NAME.  If anyone has 'free' time to skype when they get home for work, she would love to see your faces.  Mind, she talks my ear off all day long, but she clams up in front of the computer, so I'll keep it short (5 minutes) for you.

Loki is still a monster and won't sleep unless he is ON me.
Laurie, I did not 'stage' Loki n the skull shirt while he was screaming, he just screams all the time.  Jeanne and Loki are light sunshine and midnight.

New words by Jeanne that make mommy happy:

"hinosroor" = Rhinoceros

And I FINALLY got Jeanne to see the wonder and fabulousness that is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  That took a long time!

I made a vegetable sou that was so bad I had to dump it down the toilet, and now I have nothing for dinner tonight for Jeanne and I...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A special Hoorah

for my Mom!

Thank you so much for coming over at night while hubbers is away.  I get to enjoy your company for dinner and get much needed HELP.  I know I will appreciate you even more when you are in Boston Wednesday and Thursday nights!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Travel week 1 for June

Hubbers has just boarded a plane, and will be home Friday early evening.

I won't have a lot of free time to post, but here is a summary of the Baker home:
Had a really great visit with MeMaw and Papaw last week
Jeanne said this morning: Miss Papaw Memaw, UG (then hit the table).  Paul and I looked at each other.... are 2 year old supposed to be able to express emotion using words so well?  Either way, we told her we would try to skype with Memaw and PaPaw ASAP.

Jeanne has conjunctivitis, which means she has to get eye drops put in both eyes 4 times a day for 7 days, the rest of us need to wash our hands like mad, and guess how much she likes the drops.....

Loki has consistently required mommy's body next to him to go to sleep AND at least 2 hours.  No, it does not matter if I put him to bed early or late. No, it does not matter if her gets a bath or not.  No, it does not matter if I nurse him early, and/or late or constantly.  It JUST takes 2 hours and mommy.

Our second buyer could not get their loan and we still have not sold the house.   Yes things are bad.  Yes I am looking for work, no I have not gotten any calls yet.  No, I do not have a ton of time to look.  Yes I know how expensive day care is.

The title says travel week 1, yes that implies there is a travel week 2 for June and it is next week.

Not the best pics of me and mine, but I DO finally have a picture with me and my kids!  I DO exist!  Thanks Peggy for taking them!

Of course, now it looks like Peggy doesn't exist since I have no pics of her (well, I do on the camera, sorry we didn't have time to download them).

Love to you all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 year and 2 month check up for the kids

So we scheduled their 'well checkups' at the same time, even though Loki is 11 weeks.  Here is the rundown:

Jeanne: (2 years old!)
34" tall (50th percentile)
26 pounds (25-50th percentile)
She is growing and developing very well, and is exceeding her preschool skills.  Now we switch from whole milk to 2%, but that's the only real food change.  She can also use toothpaste (a wee bit).   Jeanne can just about count to 20, and regularly sings the ABC song, but that one still needs some work.  She skips letters like K, in the HIJK series and L, M, N, O tend to be one long LMlmlmo sound.  But she is SUPER smart, and absorbs new words.  she loves LOVES her new dictionary book, and we read 2 pages a night to learn new words.  Shes been asking about her cousins B and K a lot since she knows they sent along the Bear books (which she sings along with when Daddy reads/sings them to her).  She's also been asking about her Uncle James, since her sent along some nice clothes (she loves the butterfly shirt) and I told her Aunt Eileen and Uncle James sent them.  She looks at me and asks with her hands to either side: "Where James at?", Where James, I don't see James".  No seriously,  add a wee toddler voice and its so cute you could die.

Loki: (11 weeks)
23.5" long 
12 pounds 8 ounces

the percentiles change a lot for 2-3 months, but either way, Loki is growing more in length than he is in pure bulk weight.  Loki failed his tummy time test, which was looking at his ability to raise his chest off the ground when on his belly.  Which really means I failed.  I need to put him on his belly more.  But seeing as he is sleeping right now (probably from the shots), its not going to happen in the next few minutes.  Loki is now wearing 6-9 month clothing due to his gigantic head and his length.  I hope he gets  height genes from my father.  A tall Baker would be nice to pass along. 

I am still looking for a job, so any good luck vibes would be appreciated!  Lets throw in some good luck vibes on selling the house while we're at it!

Miss you all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another great weekend and a BIRTHDAY for Jeanne

Our weekends our filled with visits to the pool, walking around Shelly lake (or others) and general rompus at home.  We keep having these great weekends!  The past week, and the coming week have the temps all in the low to mid (and once high) 90's, with a relative humidity that kills.  This is not a dry heat folks.  They say summer is here, and will remain here until September.  ee gawds!

For Jeanne's birthday, we did some artwork, splashed in some water on our porch, and went to the pool when Daddy got home.

Loki is still having a hard time breathing, he's very stuffy, and has a raspy cough.  *sigh* poor bugger.  He is though, nothing like Jeanne was when she was an infant.  Night and day these two.  The following photos are a great representation of their general personalities.

You see this face?  We see THIS face a whole lot.

Happy birthday Jeanne.  You have brought only sunshine and love into my life!  Your carefree heart takes my breath away.  Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much.