Sunday, July 29, 2012

A first date.

Jeanne asked asked a boy to sit and read with her today at Barnes and noble. Her first date, Alex. He is 9. Going for the older ones already. He was very kind to her. As Daddy said 'So it begins'.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A visit and the Farmers market


Sweet Aunt Laurie came South to visit, which was a really nice treat.  The trouble is, we were all having such a good time enjoying her company or parents time away, we never took pictures.  Sorry. We did have a wonderful time at the pool a couple of times and really enjoyed the Art Museum.  I know where I will be going for some beautiful morning walks come Fall, it's a bit hot and humid here by 9-10am.

Farmers Market:
We also are going into downtown Raleigh each Wednesday to go to the farmers market, and come home with bags full, heavy of fresh LOCAL produce.  Today we brought home the following:

That's 4+ pounds of potatoes, patty pan squash (which, if you have never had before, is amazing. It's much more sweet than a zucchini or summer squash and can be cooked the same way.  I used less than 1/2 table spoon for 2 patty pan and sautéed it for a few minutes, just until it began to be translucent.  AMAZING!), a small bag of peaches (ripening on my counter),  a large bag of super ripe peaches (which I boiled, peeled, cut, and packaged for freezing), 2 large containers of blueberries, 6 organic corn from our CSA, 2 containers of super sweet cherry tomatoes, 2 cucumbers and some fresh peppers. 

 I managed to husk the corn, prepare the peaches for freezing, a container of blueberries for freezing and did all the dishes while the kids napped.  By 3:45 I was feeling tired again, and since I have just over 7 hours left to my day, I made (another) coffee.

Now they are watching Sesame Street and napping on blueberries and pirate booty, waiting to go pick up Daddy.

Some random pictures:
My beautiful big girl.

Problem: Kids want to make a mess and you don't want to clean it up.
Solution: Give them washable markers, and let them draw all over the glass window.
Extra Credit: Have them do it on the outside so they can be LOUD too.

We also played with water beads.  Loki just loves to throw them, Jeanne loves to squish them.

Daddy time!

Big Sis 'changing her behavior' and being nice to her little brother.

This is how Jeanne sleeps every night.  tucked under Cthulhu.

Jeanne in the center of the Eye in the Triangle at the Museum of Art

Jeanne listens intently to her first Hellboy Comic