Tuesday, October 9, 2012

They keep growing and growing.

Loki recently had his 18 month check up.  While he has grown taller in the last 3 months, he has gained no weight.  He's actually gained no weight in the last 6 months, but they say he is still O.K.

We've made in-roads to him sleeping through the night, as long as I don't care when he wakes up.  Good think I'm a morning person.

Right now, Loki loves anything having to do with trucks, cars, planes and dancing.  Put on some music and show him a book with an airplane, and he'll be happy for a good long while.

Words so far for Loki at 18 months:
beep (means car), bup (means truck), airplane (he says this clearly, go figure), geeene (Jeanne), welcome (means thank you, Jeanne got these two confused for almost a year, which I think is hilarious), this (he will point at something or bring me to something and say 'this'', when he wants something specific), up, down, open, close, "All Aboard!", choo choo (means train), efant (elephant).

Jeanne has been growing taller and taller too.  I had thought we would have plenty of clothes for the coming fall for Jeanne, as I bought her all 3T clothes last winter, and they were all large on her.  I was fine with rolling the sleeves up and the cuffs of her pants knowing she could wear them all the next fall/winter.  Well.....that isn't happening.  All of her shirts and pants are too short on her, in both the arms and legs.  So we have to go get all 4T clothing for her.  Yay.

In other news, it seems we are liekly to visit our family in Missouri for Thanksgiving.

Some pictures:

Playing with Marbles, each kid treats them differently.  Jeanne organizes them.

And makes a marble run for them using train tracks.

Getting ready for bed with Grandma.

Baby Rave or a.k.a glow in the dark bath time.

Monday, October 1, 2012

This is a test.

This is only a test. I want to see if I can use my instagram photos within my blogger app. An app within an app use.