Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cook For Good: Linda Watson

I've been reading this blog lately: Cook for Good
It's written by Linda Watson, who also wrote the book Wildly Affordable Organic (and she lives in Raleigh).  The premise of the book is to buy and eat local mostly organic foods for $5 a day.  It also means making all your food from scratch.  It is much cheaper to eat local food, and certainly to make everything yourself.  As we have seen our budget tighten more and more each passing month we pay mortgage on an empty home hundreds of miles away, we have had to change quite a bit around here.

One of them being ME COOKING!

Today's blog from Linda had this recipe.  Blueberry rice pudding.  I read it as I rocked Loki down to sleep (for the 7th time, literally, tonight).  I just so happen to have a cup of brown rice in the fridge, and half a pint of blueberries left over from the farmers market this weekend.   I thought this would be a great breakfast/dessert for Jeanne.  She loves rice and blueberries!  So I put on a pot of brown rice so I could make a half batch of pudding in the morning.  Then I figured, well, I'll measure out the dry ingredients to save time in the morning.

Then, reading the recipe again..... Eh, screw it, I'll just make it tonight!

Your turn, make some dessert/breakfast!

I'll let you know how it turned out.
....... 75 minutes later.....

This was amazing!  The blueberries were so sweet, they really had all the sugar content this dish needed.  You will notice a small spoon amount missing in the photo.  I couldn't resist!  HA  Breakfast is made!  Too good..  Please, do yourself a favor and get some fresh blueberries and make some brown rice, you will be so happy you did!

.... my two tasters had this to say "yum!" and "It's good, but I don't like sweet things for breakfast".   I did find the pudding more like a dessert than breakfast like, next time I will halve the sugar to make it more appropriate for an anytime meal.

Jeanne likes the blueberry pudding!  But like always, she like to pick out all the blueberries first.

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